Female Enhanced Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF)

The RYSE Psychiatric Female Residential Treatment Facility (Resilient Youth Striving for Empowerment, PRTF) is an enhanced program designed for youth with a history of significant or complex trauma. RYSE provides trauma-informed treatment for females ages 13-18 with chronic and persistent emotional and behavioral symptoms associated with past traumatic experiences.
The program includes 24 hours, 7 days a week supervision and support through a higher staff to youth ratio than a typical PRTF. The RYSE program offers a structured daily routine that will utilize gender responsive practices and approaches that are used specifically for female development as well as trauma exposure and response.

Family engagement is a key component to the RYSE program. Family therapy will occur in the home or community at least every other week to help support the youth as she integrates back into her home, community, and school. MHY’s Family Support Partner (FSP) will also work directly with the family to create a plan to utilize skills learned in family therapy as well as helping the family access services in the community to help support the youth in returning home.

In addition to MHY’s Family Support Partner, all youth will have a Youth Support Partner (YSP) who will meet with them on a weekly basis. The Youth Support Partner will provide mentoring and support to youth while in the PRT.

All referrals to the RYSE Residential Program must be made by a psychiatrist recommending an RTF level of care in conjunction with the youth demonstrating a need for enhanced RTF. In addition, those accepted in to this program must meet medical necessity criteria for placement under medical assistance.

Any additional questions related to residential services can be answered by contacting:
the Assistant Director of Admissions and Marketing
Phone: 724-625-3141 x 252
Fax: 724-625-2226