Mother and son speaking with a counselor

Multisystemic Therapy: Problem Sexual Behavior (MST-PSB)

Multisystemic Therapy: Problem Sexual Behavior (MST-PSB) is a clinical adaptation of Multisystemic Therapy (MST) that specifically targets youth who have committed sexual offenses. • MST-PSB is the only evidence based model for this population

MST-PSB is family driven and delivered in youth’s natural environment (i.e. home, school and community) by Master’s level clinicians; 24/7 availability of MST-PSB clinician.

• 5-7 months average duration of services; 3-5 families per clinician (average of 4 families at any given time)

• Intensive (often 3 or more sessions per week) therapy that addresses the multiple systemic factors associated with youth who commit sexually abusive offenses, including Individual, Family, Peer, Community and School factors.

• Maintains victim, community and client safety as the top priority. Highly individualized safety plan developed for each youth in treatment with a strong focus on youth’s grooming behaviors (when present), family and youth characteristics related to sexual offense, community/physical environment and history of sexually abusive behaviors.  MST-PSB addresses actual and potential victims’ physical, emotional and psychological safety  and Requires caregiver buy-in and commitment to enforcing safety plans.