School-Based Behavioral Health Services

As a place where children spend a majority of their week, school offers the ideal context for critical growth and improvement opportunities such as: prevention, intervention, development and cultivating the link between the home and school.  Research shows that students are more likely to seek counseling services when they are available in the school.  In some cases, the school often provides the only behavioral health services in the community.

MHY Family Services’ School-Based Behavior Health (SBBH) services works with PA school districts to integrate the student’s behavioral and emotional health services with their education.  Through MHY’s SBBH services, our clinicians provide individual and group interventions which focus on a variety of areas that strengthen the student and the environment as a whole.  These interventions include but are not limited to enhancing interpersonal skills, building coping options, conflict resolution, decision making and other related wellness elements.  Clinicians consult with teachers and other faculty to establish a link between the student’s behavioral health challenges that impact their learning to establish salient solutions for progress.

SBBH services focus on individualized treatment planning and incorporates development and refining of measurable goals and outcomes as markers for progress.  Additionally, our clinicians work to establish stronger home, school, and community links by engaging with the variety of systems within the ecology.

MHY’s SBBH services support the mission and purpose of the school, which prioritizes learning and safety. MHY’s counselors and clinicians are trained to work within the culture of their stakeholder’s environment and make efforts to blend their behavioral strategies and trauma informed care training as seamlessly as possible.  This integration creates an effective blend of skills and expertise.

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Lukas Carothers, Director of Community Services

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