Longmore Academy

MHY Family Services’ Longmore Academy opened its doors in 2000. As a Private Academic School licensed by Pennsylvania Department of Education, Longmore provides education for at-risk youth in grades 1 through 12. Students who attend Longmore Academy benefit from a structured and supportive learning environment that is responsive to behavioral and emotional factors that impede students’ academic success.

Why Choose Longmore?

The student to teacher ratio never exceeds 12:1, and every teacher is Pennsylvania state-certified. Teaching Pennsylvania’s Common Core Curriculum allows credits earned by students to transfer back to their home school district for promotion and/or graduation.

The curriculum incorporates traditional core subjects with electives such as art, current events and character education. Students have available both Title I Reading and Mathematics. All students are testing in reading and math. Remedial interventions, including tutoring and special education are provided to address academic deficiencies.

Students who need special education have access to accommodations. Several of our teachers hold special education certification. Daily communication among all Longmore faculty members insures close examination of student progress both academically and behaviorally.

Longmore offers the following special education services: Learning support, emotional support, life skills support, other health impairments, Speech & Language, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Assistive Devices. We also offer 45 days special educational placements for the public schools.

All students are academically screened with Woodcock Johnson, Star Reading, Star Math, AimsWeb, and Study Island. We have Plato Cyber Program for students who may need AP classes, Honor classes and Foreign Languages.

Longmore Academy referral form is located near the bottom of the page.

Message From The Principal

Longmore Academy has a tradition of helping adolescents to succeed. As principal, I am proud of the effort each teacher and teacher’s aide makes to get to know all students, including their strengths, which are built upon and areas of need, which are addressed.

By addressing attitude changes that are necessary to help each student accomplish goals, our young adults develop good decision making both in and outside of the classroom setting. Because many of our students—both commuters from a dozen local school districts and residents at Mars Home for Youth—bring a history of difficulty at their home schools, Longmore is the opportunity for a fresh start.

We at Longmore Academy value each student as an individual. We strive to get to know each young person and help him or her to grow into productive citizens with new, brighter horizons in their future.

I encourage anyone with questions regarding Longmore Academy to feel free to contact me, and to find out if Longmore is a suitable solution for your student.

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